Who we are

The Asian Women Coalition Ending Prostitution is working to abolish prostitution, which we see as a form of male violence against women.

AWCEP is working to build awareness about the harms of prostitution to Asian women. We challenge the promotion and imposition of prostitution on Asian women at home in Canada and in our countries of origin throughout Asia. We hold a position that prostitution entrenches racism and multiplies the effect of sexism on all. Solutions to prevent prostitution must address systemic racism, sexism and social and economic disadvantage in order to be effective.

The decisions taken by governments, NGOs, and communities to address human trafficking and prostitution will affect all Asian women in each community. This includes those born and raised in Canada as well as women who have come to Canada more recently.

Prostitution is not a time honoured cultural practice among Asians. It is a form of male violence against women that can be eradicated if we aspire to create more justice and equality in the world. Asian women around the world have higher hopes for our daughters, mothers, friends, and ourselves than exploitation through prostitution.

Human trafficking is a regular aspect of how Asian women are prostituted. AWCEP is working to prevent human traffickers, pimps and brothel owners from getting free reign to make the sale of Asian women a normal aspect of society in Canada.

The Asian Women Coalition supports the Nordic model of law keeps pimping, recruiting of women into prostitution, brothel-keeping and being a john (buyer-of-women-for-sex) illegal. It allows police and courts to arrest and prosecute the men who are committing these acts. The Nordic model recognizes that women need concrete supports in order to avoid or leave prostitution and commits government to provide adequate resources to women. In the Nordic model, women who are prostituted are not considered criminals and they are not arrested for being prostituted.

We are based in Canada and we have connections to women around the world who are also fighting against the normalization of prostitution. We invite you to join or support the feminists in your community to organize the abolition of prostitution in favour of women's liberation. Learn more about the Nordic model.